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Mega$loth Waffle

Mega$loth® Waffle

High Fidelity Nonsense

Unlike most other speech synthesisers, Mega$loth® Waffle adds a new dimension to personal computing - Automagical User Motivation.

Turn on Mega$loth® Waffle's user equanimity feature, and Mega$loth® Waffle will respond with an appropriate selection drawn from over 30 megabytes of Mega$loth® Friendly Jokes, each lovingly created to convince you that you have the best available combination of microprocessor, operating system and graphical user interface.

Whenever your performance at the keyboard flags, Mega$loth® Waffle will urge you on with soothing verbal words of wisdom, choice phrases of encouragement, and instant adaptable solutions. Mega$loth® Waffle will even present you with solutions to problems you never thought you had.

Even when nothing particular is going on, Mega$loth® Waffle will offer a never ending series of helpful verbal hints, each carefully directed towards the appropriate Mega$loth® software for the task in hand. Even more amazing is the fact that you could be using someone else's software at the time. No wonder this is called the Psychic Helpful User Interface (PHUI)!

Mega$loth® Waffle is another fine addition to the technological miracles emerging daily from Mega$loth®, makers of the world's biggest operating system and graphical user interface.

More bytes for your buck, as always, with Mega$loth® Waffle.

Do you find the animation at the top extremely annoying? Well, Mega$loth® Waffle is something like that. However, with the Mega$loth® Waffle system, you can always pour syrup into the speakers to quieten them down.

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