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News Flash!

Watch out!
The Man From B.U.N.C.O.'s Current Case

Reports that a plain brown wrapper containing an undisclosed amount of US funds had been delivered to the offices of Phundria have been circulating.

The editor and staff of PhundriaTM would like to take this opportunity to categorically deny that such funds (if any) were delivered from a competitor of Mega$loth® Internet ExploderTM, with a note purportedly urging: "Keep up the good work, guys!"

The Man From B.U.N.C.O. has undertaken to determine the veracity of the rumour, and take appropriate action. Thus far, he has been unable to locate either the package, PhundriaTM, the funds, or the competitor, and we'd just like to say: "Keep up the good work, guys!"

Contributed by 'Southern Belle'.

PhundriaTM finds this all very confusing really - the only competitor we can think of has been criticised by us too, though admittedly not as much as Mega$loth® Internet Exploder. Sidearms are banned here, by the way, so we're not too worried.

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