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Software Upgrade Scheme

Mega$loth® announces the introduction of a brand new and very lucrative Extort-O-Matic software upgrade scheme, designed just for you with us in mind!

From January 1st 1999, all users of Mega$loth® software must submit their credit card numbers to Mega$loth®. This way you'll be sent every upgrade and bug-fix immediately it's ready, and we'll simply debit your account each time.

That way, every time we introduce new bugs and features into our software we'll make even more money.

If you've got the latest in modem and computer hardware, you'll really enjoy receiving about 20 MB of our generous software upgrades every day. If you haven't - HARD LUCK! You'll just have to upgrade.

Mega$loth® - it's OUR world!

Serious Warning

If you're a Mega$loth® Internet Exploder® user connected to the Internet, we already know what version of every piece of our software you're using. This applies to all of our Windoze® products including Windoze® itself.

If you fail to submit your credit card number by March 1st 1999, we will send one of our BUNCO operatives round to visit you.

Don't delay, submit your credit card details today:

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