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FatPage98: Deleting FatPage Web in Root Directory Erases Drive Contents

Last reviewed: May 7, 1998
Article ID: QR8088030
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Mega$loth® FatPage®98 for Windoze®


When you delete a disk-based web that was created in the root of a hard disk, such as the root of drive C, the entire contents of the disk drive are erased, including hidden, system, and read-only files.


FatPage® converts the root drive to a FatPage® Web.

[Ed.: Really! What is a FatPage® Web?]


Always create a disk-based Web in a subfolder of the root of the hard disk. To do this, follow these steps:


Mega$loth® has confirmed this to be a problem in the Mega$loth® products listed at the beginning of this article.


We leave you to judge how much of this is satire and how much is real!

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