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Mega$loth® Internal Document dated 12/17/97 9:30pm
(Accidentally Leaked by: Mega$loth® BugZ® '98 Beta SN3.0071afu)

Weird® Business Intelligence Sub-Committee

Minutes of Meeting held on 12/17/97 at 10:30am

In attendance:
Phedron C. Balderdash IX (Chair)
James 'Red Barrel' Grotney (UK)
William Sounding-Orff (UK)
Frederick Faustian (Technical Adviser)
Ivan Cheromorokowski (Secretary)

This meeting was convened to discuss some of the concerns surrounding the 'hacking' of Mega$loth® Weird® document files, and how to retain the advantages that the special Weird® hidden features give Mega$loth® Corporation, without prejudicing Weird®'s position as the standard leading-edge large wordprocessor application used by all world goverments and major corporations.

These concerns were brought to light by Mega$loth® Corporation's 'World Wide Web' and 'Usenet' monitoring teams, who carefully check the contents of all Internet documents containing references to Mega$loth® or any of its products.

The committee welcomed its two new recruits from the UK Intelligence Community, and hoped that their expertise in dealing with matters of secrecy in the world's most secretive state would prove to be of great benefit to the Mega$loth® Corporation.

Subject #20074/97: The 'UNDO BUFFER'

Decision: No further action meantime.
Subject: #20085/97: The 'DOCUMENT STORAGE RECORD'

Decision: No further action required.

Subject: #20074.85/97: Weird® FEATURES: COMMON FACTORS

Decision: No further action meantime.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

BugZ® '98 Leak Ends

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