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Acquire managerial and/or computer expertise instantly!

Simply choose any three digit hexadecimal number between &h000 and &hFFF, and extract the word corresponding to each digit from the table below.
(Example: B31 = Scalable Reciprocal Flexibility.)

Buzzword Table

Select one word from each column
0 integrated  0 management  0 options
1 total  1 organisational  1 flexibility
2 systemised  2 monitoring  2 capability
3 parallel  3 reciprocal  3 mobility
4 functional  4 digital  4 programming
5 responsive  5 time-phased  5 concept
6 optional  6 transitional  6 welfare
7 synchronised  7 incremental  7 projection
8 compatible  8 third-generation  8 hardware
9 balanced  9 policy  9 contingency
A automatic  A tactile  A feedback
B scalable  B pre-processing  B architecture
C intuitive  C hyperbolic  C logic
D modular  D re-entrant  D process
E professional  E boolean  E debugging
F interactive  F recursive  F effectiveness

The scope for developing your career and professional reputation is amazing! Careful use of this table can create 4096 important and technical sounding phrases for your reports! Enough to fill the biggest manuals.

For an even more professional approach, and especially when a memorable sequence of letters, or an intelligible acronym has been found, take the selected phrase and just use its initial letters. For example: "This project will be undertaken using ABL and TOP".

You'll certainly impress the boss when you use Phundria's Politically Correct Buzzword Generator.

Taken from the Mega$loth® Programming and Documentation Manual, this version of the buzzword list has been fully updated for the year 2000, unlike the time handling facilities in most other Mega$loth® products!

We understand that a new Mega$loth® Offarce 97 'Insistent' is being developed which will automatically insert these choice phrases into your documents for you.

A new integrated management process is also being incorporated into the Mega$loth Windoze Operating System, known as Mega$loth® Buzz 99, will automatically inject the selected phrase direct into any document being typed on any word processor, spreadsheet or desktop publishing package, or being read using Mega$loth® Internet Exploder.

A recent usenet posting reminded Phundria of this little gem. Originally appearing sometime in the late seventies, this seminal list has inspired a whole generation of business whizz-kids.

A non-technical person writes:"What the heck is HEXADECIMAL?"

Phundria: "It's an odd way of counting used by computer people. Ten single digits are not enough for them - they need sixteen. So what they do is replace the numbers 10 through 15 with the letters A to F. It's all very simple really."

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