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Welcome to Mega$loth® Money Central.

Error Report: Empty or Incomprehensible String (Error #74817)

Your submission crashed the Mega$loth® Money Central server and your credit card details were lost. This highly sophisticated WindoesNT® system is running the famous Mega$loth® Mazoolah Extractor software.

As this operation has failed, we will be sending a member of BUNCO (Bill's Universal Net Commerce Operatives) to get your credit card details from you in person.

Dom Da Dom Dom .... AARRGH!

Conditions Governing Personal Visits

As a fully qualified ex-Mafiosi, the man from BUNCO may look somewhat forbidding, but providing you do as he asks, you will come to no harm. BUNCO operatives carry sidearms.
Neither Mega$loth® nor its BUNCO staff can take any responsibility for loss, damage, injury, death or misdelivery, wherever, or by whomsoever it is caused. Variation of these terms and conditions is prohibited.

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Warning from Phundria:

Please avoid transmitting credit card details over the Internet if you possibly can. The details you submitted will not be seen. If you have to do so, be very careful to ensure that the connection is a secure one, and that the recipient is known to you and is trustworthy.

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